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My Father's Face

A One Man Performance
The Story

My Father’s Face is a one-act, one-man play about a man,“G," who suffers from Parkinson’s disease.

As the play opens, he is waiting for his son to arrive to take him to live in an assisted living facility; he acknowledges the necessity but doesn’t like the prospect. 

His new situation causes him to reflect on his life and look back on his relationship with his own father and on the difference between indifference and love mixed with shyness.

Behind The Scenes

Parkinson’s Foundation


American Parkinson’s Disease Association


The Michael J.Fox Foundation


Parkinson’s Europe


Davis-Phinney Foundation

PAN Foundation

Parkinson’s Association of Northern California

World Parkinson’s Coalition

Power Over Parkinson's


Neuro Challenge for Parkinson’s


Petersons Foundation for Parkinson’s

Parkinsons supportgroupofsonoam County

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